Friday, December 23, 2011

Why are diffusion and osmosis important to cells?

diffusion and osmosis are important because they are the process in which small non-charged particles get through the cell membrane. These particles could be things like oxygen, and water, which the cell needs to function.

Pregnant poodle/maltese?

Bells, yes the dog shouldn't have been bred but how dare you refer to the animal as a "worthless mutt". Some dog lover you are. Cow.

Shoud me and my twin sis do this song in our band?

The song's OK i guess. But it's better if you write your own. If you want to stand out try wearing an outrageous androgynous costume while performing: leopardskin, studded leather, glitter, platform boots, feather boas, and lots of hairspray

Can you briefly explain this to me??

Petitioner was arrested and brought before a state judge for preliminary hearing on a robbery charge. The complaining witness testified but petitioner, who had no counsel, did not cross-examine. Petitioner was later indicted and tried. The witness had moved to another State, and the transcript of his testimony at the hearing was introduced over petitioner's objections that he was denied the right of confrontation. He was convicted and the highest state court affirmed.

Dismissed Case, No Arrest, No fingerprint, Green Card background check.?

You must tell what you find at your public records, cause they know about your records surely. check your public records at state court or at police station or even you can check it online (hope you don't find any), then tell what you find there. It is the logic, If you did not find any records then forget it you are free. best of luck.

If all men became feminist, in which way it sort of did.....?

you know the minority of men are now sbags, murders, rapist, child molesters, and so on and so on......are those in prison, yes there are potential sbags to be exposed.....but there are female teachers child molesters, an increase in woman killing their children and so on and so on...........anyways, yes most men in America are now feminist because its hard to fight back when the law is one sided so we give in and keep our mouths shut before the now that you have your way and America is run by a group of it true that feminism is no longer needed? I mean, why are feminist targeting Eastern countries now? You know where woman must wear black hoodies, while the men work in 100+ degree weather.......Do you really suppose that feminist no longer have an agenda here in the USA so they focus on other countries now?

A Tribute To Our Black Confederate Heroes?

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Legal problem, interesting story?

You didn't convince me. In fact, you didn't come close. Better try for a plea bargain because I would be willing to bet you're going to do some 8X10 time if you don't get a deal.

Where can i hire rod hull and emu fancy dess?

i dont quite know how to break this to you but i dont think you will be able to hire him he died 5 yrs ago mending a tv aerial on his roof a gust of wind blew him off and it killed him and emu has never been seen since

Hopefully everyone has been watching Yo! MTV Raps all month long?

yeah its great the golden age of hip hop is back. would be 100% greater if they brought it back with fab five freddie as the host again. please dont generalize age with hip hop knowledge, im 14 and unlike most ppl my age, i get my real hip hop 7 days a week ! *wink*................

Does this guy like me? I am really confused? Why are guys like this?

when your a teenager thats how some ppl are. when they around a group of ppl they tend to act out immature. there is not much you can do but maybe ask him why he does that and maybe he"ll realize its not cool but in that age they dont know how to act and just follow the crowd.

Bought (didn't know) a stolen phone from ebay?

So I bought an awesome phone..And I call verizon and they tell me that the phone is stolen and I can't activate it unless...all this crap..whatever. And it's really upsetting. Cause this phone is greatness. And I just now realized that it's always a good idea to never ever ever buy a phone off ebay. This there anything I can possibly do to activate it somehow?

Defrosting some chicken ... QUICKLY!?

Doesn't your microwave have a Defrost setting? If not, then poke holes in the plastic on the package, and microwave on LOW for about 5 min, or so. (turn the package 1/2 way through, if you don't have a turntable in there) You can probably separate the pieces then, and run them under warm water; then cook them right away (or refrigerate until ready to cook)

Bad Behavior. Am I still eligible?

I think you might be able to get enrolled probably not because you are an atheist but in high school its not mandatory to take Religious ED but drugs and ual harment also is an issue but some of the schools are desperate for students and since you scored high you may be able to it depends how desperate the school is for students how strict ect

What was this anime cartoon?

It used to come on onSaturday mornings and it had to do with food and cooking. The characters would creat monsters made out of food and battle them.

What do you think of Charlie Sheen Wanting a public questioning of 911 with President Obama?

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Why does my Pastor call me kiddo all the time?

I am 23 years old and anything but a kid. I am a paramedic, live on my own and am in a serious relationship. I take care of my dad who is really sick, I dont drink or smoke or do drugs. Him, his wife and i are really close friends, great friends! We are closer than anyone in our congregation and in our community. Sometimes it makes me think that he does not respect me. What do you all think?

Words startin with X?

PLZ!! I need it for a h.w ignment. 7th grade so stressful. Any word at all. I have to make a sentence using all X words. The more the better! Love ya all!! Thnx

Wot is reason of constant cold? like i got cold almost all days of yr and sneezes in bunches of 8~10 together?

Almost all days i have my one of my nostril choked up due to cold, its sorta chronic, and if i mess with my nose i get sneezes 8~10 in group. Even sometimes whn i have night out in studies i get sneezes @ 4 am and thn nose runs... its really problematic coz 8~10 sneezes in public may seem some sorta nuisance and unhygenic... plz help me wid some cure for it...

How do people utilize the weather for various purposes?

People will utilize climatic patterns to see which area constantly receive the most wind then there will erect Wind Turbines in those areas. As for sailing races the captain will have, before hand, researched the map and current weather over the area that he intends to sail to plot the best course.

Does Jesus teach blind total pacificism?

Most of you may have heard of the famous quotes from the bible which speak of "turning the other cheek..." and "loving your enemies". Based on this does Jesus mean that we should not do anything in the face of evil or wrongdoing to either oneself or to others? Any thoughts on this would be welcome...

I want informations on badminton?

very fun outdoor game. play to 21 points and win by at least 2. the rules are very similar to volleyball. but you use a racket and a plastic "birdie".

This pink eye? ( i dont know any terms for your eyes. described as well as i can)?

last week i started getting REALLY bad headaches. (i almost threw up) since monday. and since like thursday its been REALLY itchy so itchy to the point im rubbing makeup off. that skin that is right next to your eye is puffy along with that triangular part close to your tear duct. my actual eye doesnt look bad just the skin around it. yestuday look like i had a rash goin on next to the circular color part. if you can help thanks :)

Reccuring boils?

What could be the possible reason for oneself getting boils (with puss type) often across face/shoulders;does the place where such boils recurs indicative of anything? What is the appropriate diagnosis,hence treatment and diet control required.Does gender difference matter(if female and under pills) Patient type: Male or Female/37years/Working.

Turbo tax wht is the difference ?

i used the tax calculator and it said a fed refund of 1,708 but i used the hr block calculator and it said fed refund of 6,514 why is there a difference i put in the same information on both i claim 3 kids and im married filing jointly

Can I use stack-able Cisco switches in access layer ?

I want design a LAN on Cisco 3-tier standard , but can I use three of 2960-S stack-able switches on access layer connected via stack cable versus connect those over up-link port ?

Has someone really proven that Hell exists?

I read in the new yorker all about how hell is growing hotter and hotter because of global warming. was this a joke, or is it serious? has hell been proven a real place?

Laptop gets off all of a sudden like power failure.?

There could be many reasons for that. Make sure your laptop has enough space on all sides so that it can blow out hot air properly. game crashes could also happen if you use outdated drivers.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Song help hip-hop category?

thers a song on mtv that i like but idk its name because mtv never shows song names anymore. All i remember is seeing Lupe fiasco and pharrell in the video they dont sing though also the only lyrics i remember is these part "my people come first" and something that sounds like "Plead this first". Any help is greatly appreciated

Contest: Best rap album nominated for a grammy Round 1 pt.2?

Im sorry, there is not one album in that whole section i have ever owned (im proud to say). its a little commercial isnt it? well i guess the grammys are based on m public sales achieved. To be fair, i'd choose Lupe out of all of them. But then again that track "song cry" off the blue print is quite nice to. And i like family business by Kanye (hey, its one song im still keepin it real). The roots? nah, game theory is straight wack, dudes probably think that s*** is underground. TI? now im getting angry.

Is my guitar amp blown or loose connection?

Yesterday i purchased a Peavy 112 Valve King From Guitar Center i plugged into it when i got home and i tried the clean channel first. it was not even loud or medium loud, it was very soft and couldnt hear it much and this was at full volume cause i turned it up to see if the clean got louder. I then went to the Distortion channel...... it sounded different i thought it was cause its my first tube it sounds different but at band practice today my friends said it wasnt it sounds like very fuzzy when played even with very little gain on the lead channel. it goes from sounding fuzzy or crackling. Is there something bad with my peavy or is it just normal?

The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe?

Do you really think that anyone is going to do all of this work for you so you can p it off as your own?

On line bingo - anyone else think that on line bingo winners are selected at random for that day/week?

Everyone says its the numbers that are random but i believe it is the players that are selected by the randomiser, not the numbers. This would explain why one player winners several times in a week and others nothing!

Sugar glider??

ok i want a sugar glider and i live in Florida. they are allowed here so where can i get one? and how much do they cost. if u know where i can get 1 ( i live in palm beach) just answer kk and give me some information for me too please about what they sleep in what they eat and stuff like that. Thanks!

I came from Phil.My husband has not communcations in 21 years.?

I am now engaged in finnish nationality we are planing to get marry. I want to file a devorce to my husband. We are now lving together with my fiance in finland, can I file a devorce from finland?

Married before or after bootcamp?

My boyfriend is leaving for the army March 7th. We are trying to decide wether or not we should get married before he goes. We were talking about marriage way before the army thing came into the picture, it just sped up the process. Im wondering from some people who were in the same sort of situation if we should wait or do it now before he goes. I plan on moving around with him soon as I possibly can. And I know that we have to be married to do that but I dont know if we should do it now or wait the 9 months till all of his training is over. Please help.

What sickness could this be, and how to take care of it?

Okay, my throat hurts everytime I swallow, my nose is runny all the time, i have a small cough, my body feels extremely weak, and some parts sore.. i keep spitting out phlegm, my body feels cold, but my head is warm.. i take Theraflu often.. I've been sick 4 days already.. Tommorow is monday, i might need to work :(.. i feel really sick :(

Hair question?

personally i dont think you should die your bangs blonde i think it would look better if you just added highlights or something to go a little lighter if thats what you are looking for.

I received a IRA distributon from my Dad as a beneficary. Can I reinvest this into another IRA to avoid taxes?

I was a beneficary of an IRA from my dad. I receivd the money and it is taxable. Can I roll it into another IRA or my 401k to avoid paying taxes and have it treated as income.

I am in odessa, ukraine and i want to make friends my age?

I am here for 2 months and the only people i know are my family here. i speak the language and i get along with people fine. im am 15 years old and im from cali america. what are some things that will get me to make friends. i go to the beach everyday and i go to clubs at least 4 times a week here but so far its not really working.. so........ how can i?

What are some good going present ideas?

My boyfriend is 21 and going away for an internship for a few months. I'm think along the lines of comfy sweatpants or a nice pillow. He's into film and rock music.

Have I lost all hope? Guys please help!?

When I met and hung out with this guy, I could tell that he liked me (followed and teased me quite a bit, while being a gentleman). We went on a great first date last week and he some of what he did when he first met me, but also added showing off, looking at me, and stuff. He ended the date by giving me a big hug that was a few seconds long , telling me that he had a good time, that he would see me later and to have a good night. A few days later, he went on a vacation with his family at Laguna Beach, California (which he mentioned several times on the date that he would be going ). It was his birthday on sunday and I texted him "Happy Birthday such and such. I got a text real quick saying thanks. I texted him again, several minutes later, saying "23 at Laguna Beach, you lucky bum ;)" but he never texted back. Is it possible for this guy to still like me but to not contact me during his vacation? I've gotten mixed signals, some say that if he hasn't contacted by now that he isn't interested, others say he's on vacation and to leave him alone. He is on vacation with his family and he's been there less than a week. We've only been on one date and been together once before when we first met. It's not like we're buddy buddies yet and we're still getting to know each other. Does he still like me and is he taking this slow with me? Do I have anything to worry about?

I need some help on this math problem thanks =)?

A swimming pool holds 585,000 liters of water. The pool has two drainage pipes. When the pool is completely full, the first pipe alone can empty it in 195 minutes, and the second pipe alone can empty it in 130 minutes. When both pipes are draining together, how long does it take them to empty the pool?

I made 9k this year but did not pay taxes; will I have to pay taxes or is that under the threshold for taxes?

Does it look like I will have to pay taxes; that is my agi married filing jointly ; so my agi is 9k; will i have to pay taxes on that

Did god want homer to eat the milk and cookies?

Not really because asking for signs in the Bible is considered evil. So if you are asking for a sign you arent following God to begin with.

Can anyone translate latin?

i know a little and the google websites and such always make it sound so awkward. I want the phrase "respect and love always". I thought it would be something like 'semper caritas et amo' but i dont know how to conjugate anymore

Vintagey pin-up girl clothes ?

i live in nyc and i love pin up girl style clothes (i like some psychobilly/rockabilly stuff too but i generally like the more feminine dolly-like clothes) and i was wondering if anyone can recommend some stores / websites. i already shop at thrift stores, but if you can recommend a specific one in the new york area that would be good too. i do not have much money so the more affordable the stuff is, the better. thank you!

Treeless saddles ?

my farrier bought one and she doesn't like it says Hilasons are cheap made and uncomfortable. Better to buy a good used one like th eBob Marshall .

What to do? We have a nest of baby robins in our back yard. Both robins are attentive to the nest, but I thin?

k one baby has fallen from the nest. The bird only has a few down feathers on head and down middle of back, tiny wings with tiny feathers. It is breathing rather heavily on ground, mother and father robin have both tended to baby, bringing food and sitting on/with. What to do? Do we place baby back into nest. One of the adult birds flew to chair on patio where we had been sitting as though to ask for our help. I've always thought never to pickup and move baby as parents will abandon, but I feel I need do something. What do you suggest?

First Car for a few hundred quid?

You have to bear in mind that a very cheap car may well cost you an arm and a leg long term. Take a genuinely knowledgeable person with you to view the car if you can. Walk away if in doubt. Also, if you can, buy from a dealer. A private sale carries zilch protection. If the car falls apart, and they do, you just have to grin and bear it. With a dealer you get the protection of the 'Sale of Goods Act'. Which means when the gearbox fails or the engine blows up in a week's time you will have at least a claim to pursue.

Yeah by Usher - read the lyrics? they r soo sick and amusing? Tell me wat u tink....?

lol come on tell me have u read the lyrics of that and understood them? lol tell me wat u tink.......

What is the best way to hit a backhand in badminton?

I have tested out several backhand techniques, but I would like to know which is the best so I can stick to it.

Argos: Will they still do a refund/exchange?

Today I bought an Mp3 player from Argos but when I opened the box I found that the earphones it came with we damaged. The player itself works fine but the earphones don't work. As this item is "exepmt from the 30 day guarantee", it is still possible to return it? Or will they not take it back?

Dont you miss hip hop with lyrics?

People like Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy are worsening hip hop. I still like NAS ,Lupe, Talib Kweli, Jay Z, Mos Def and all those who uplift the community

Do You Think Doggy Dream Homes Are Overpriced?

I was looking at doghouses when i came across doggy dream homes visit their website here. I dont know if I can Afford one though. At first I thought that they were way overpriced but they are very nice and all. visit their website here. a href="" rel="nofollow" so do you think their a good deal or way overpriced?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How do you get your ex back? :'(?

I am trying so hard, its been 3 weeks and he broke up with me... he said he will never ever go out with me again, he said his heart is broken and he can never mend it wih me? ="( please help guys what can i do ????????

My 2-1/2 year old grandson bit off a piece of plastic spoon while eating his ice cream and swallowed it!?

Has this happened to anyone else. The piece he bit was about the size of a small on and triangular in shape. I'm more worried about it tearing his intestines. Is this possible?

Is this normal or a sign of hysteria?

Every once and awhile something triggers me to laugh hysterically. Like the thing I am laughing about isn't even funny, and I just start laughing...and can't stop. It has gotten to the point that when I do that, my family and friends yell at me to stop because it scares them. I am not anxious or anything at the time that I laugh like this, it just happens. After the whole "episode" finally stops, I feel sad and upset because my family and/or friends are annoyed or worried about me. Is there something wrong with me?

If the swine flu is going to kill you. how long would it take. and if you get it what is the likely hood...?

I just read a report that swine flu isn't as serious as they thought. so I think next week things will calm down a little

General Skilled Migration Legislative Changes, Effective Date?

When the Department of Immigration changes the rules for skilled migration in Australia, like MODL (Migrant Occupations in Demand List)- the notices are usually published in the DIMIA website. I am anticipating some changes to the list which may affect my application as yet I do not have all the requirements I need. Does any one know when these changes become effective? If say, they change on 15th February 2009, do the changes become effective immeadiately? Is there a timeframe given to comply - like a certain date in which to comply? Please help.

How much money will GameStop give me for these games and consoles?

i sold a few wii games and ds games i got 80 bucks but u have more than i did so bout 110-130 bucks each game is about 2 3 4 6 or 5 bucks depending how popular and new it is

Will Kofi Kingston will "future endeavored" after WM 27?

Now that he lost to Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship, do you think the WWE will release Kofi Kingston after WrestleMania 27? After all, nobody expected Sheldon Benjamin nor Mickie James to be released and they did.

OMG I cannot find who sings this song. Please help!?

No BullShit - Chris Brown? I dont think there is anypart of that song that goes you you you etc. sorry

How beneficial is flax seed in a cardiac diet or diabetic diet - and how do you use it???

I use flaxseed oil. Its very beneficial because its an omega 3 fat. I take 1 tbsp every morning. Its better to take the oil than the capsules, you have to take 16 caps a day to get the benefit of 1 tbsp. Go to it gives you info on every vitamin,mineral and supplement you want.

Is it legal to use rapidshare two people instead of one?

I doubt that it is allowed, even though there is nothing on the subject on the Rapid Share website. You would have to contact Rapid Share therefore to be sure.

How do I find hot ladies to chat with? The Yahoo! chat rooms are full of BOTS!?

Go out and meet someone. Come on man, that's the only way. You can't expect to go online and find a hot chick just waiting for some random guy to come talk to her.

Piano music for Prom night?

Can anybody suggest some songs in piano versions for our prom night? anything romantic. or any bands having their songs turned into moody-and-harmonic-piano-version ones?

Can I get an exemption to drive a V8?

Im thinking of buying a Vy SS but I need exemption. Can I just say I need one for work out on the farm? I've heard of people getting an exemption but can only drive from like 8am-5pm.. would I be able to tell them I work longer than that or something. We also take cattle and that down to melbourne on weekends.. so yeah.

Is it okay to be proud of your heritage?

I was born and raised in the south and I am very proud of my heritage. My ggg grandfather was a captain of his own regiment in the Confederate Army and I joined a confederate flag preservation group in order to help preserve my heritage. I display a confederate flag on my pickup truck as a symbol of what my ancestors fought for. They fought for freedom and peace. Why do people have such a negative attitude towards my heritage? yet, it is totally okay for blacks to be proud of their heritage? Isn't that a double standard?

Math Question , Only The Best Can Solve It !?

1. eight people are leaving a party. each person shakes hands with each of the other people. No one shakes hands with anyone else more than once. How many handshakes?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have bought a ipod shuffle from argos, i just want to know that whether i can put songs i like to it?

ok please re-iterate cause that made no sense, if you mean can you put songs you like on to it of course why else would you buy it? you have to be able to duh. and wtf is argos? anyway yeah you can, if its the new one idk how the old stick model you can slide off the part at the bottom, and plug it directly in but the new ones idk

I brought a girl to the usa on a k-1 visa and married her. now i need advice?

i brought a my filipina fiancee to florida on a k-1 visa and married her in may 2008. obviously i was her sponsor. by janurary the relationship ended(she used me to come here, it turned out she never really wanted to be a wife to me). i have written several letters to uscis since then(sent registered mail) explaining that i felt that she used me for immigration purposes(i had proof and witnesses and offered to send it to them) and that we are not together any more and i oppose her staying here. and that i dont want to sponsor her any more. and i always give them my phone number and email address and mailing address and ask them to contact me letting them know how to make sure my name is withdrawn as her sponsor and her financial support or to let me know what i need to do for that to happen. but they will not reply or respond to me. fortunately i signed an ironclad prenup(yes, she had her own attorney review it and explain it to her before she signed it) before we got married that says she cannot get support or any lawyers fees paid in the event of a seperation or a divorce. we have both signed ''uncontested'' divorce papers. and i have them in my possession but i have not filed them yet because she is the one who needs to be remarried in order to stay here, so i told her she needs to be the one to pay for it, she scammed enough money from me when we were married that i wont spend another penny on her. anyway, my first question is: what can i do to get uscis to make sure i am off of her paperwork? and i understand in two years they will review her visa to see if she can stay here or not. every month like clockwork i send uscis a letter(just so they understand i am not going to go away) making sure they know i feel that she married me under false pretenses for immigration purposes, that i oppose her staying here and i would like to testify against her when the 2 years is up. my other question is: can she still stay here and get her citizenship when the 2 years is up? and does it matter if we are divorced and she is remarried as far as her getting to stay here. the honest truth is i loved her a great deal when we got married, i did not know she did not want to be a good wife to me until it was too late. i learned that a girl who wants to use her god given beauty to deceive a mans heart can do so pretty easily, no matter how smart the guy thinks he is. and her deception caused me a lot of financial and emotional harm. i would appreciate all advice on the matter. thank you

Can I show movies that I own to the general public, without being penalized?

Say I had a restaurant and I had DVD's playing in the background. Is that exhibiting the film? Is that punishable by law?

Why do i feel like **** if i dont go to the gym?

usually when i work out i feel so relieved of everything. Like i feel good and happy and stuff but when i dont go to the gym i feel so shitty. i feel so negative about myself today and i feel like my lifes **** and nothing comes my way. why does this happen? what should i do? i think its only temporary but its so annoying

WHO thinks That...?

um yeah...right...see i'm gunna have to disagree with you there, LSU lost and the Saints are below .500 so...yeah

What is the legality of surveillance in your own home?

If you have a surveillance camera that has a microphone hooked up in your own home for not only surveillance but as a webcam (meaning it can be accessed through the internet if you have all the pwords etc.). Is there anything illegal about that since it is recording non-stop? We have it in our basement/den because we usually keep our garages open in the summer and a flimsy door won't stop someone from breaking in but it also records everything else that occurs in our basement/ den area including the going abouts of the family and any guests who come over. Is there anything illegal about that? I am pretty sure there is not since it is our own home but this is to settle a bet with a friend. Thanks!

Have you ever had any issue with young students all the sudden not wanting to spar?

I have a 10 year old girl in one of my cles who today just had a meltdown about how she was scared to spar in a tournament today. It was just bizzare this girl has always loved sparring and has competed in high leval tournaments. She attends a weekly sparing cl that is optional. We spar in almost every cl. She does very well in cl. There were 5 kids in her division- 3 of which were from our dojo who she has gone against multiple times in the dojo- she kept saying she knew how hard the boys hit and didn't know how hard the other boys would hit (we had to combine boys and girls for her division but all were around her size, age, and rank(beginner-intermediate). I offered to let her move up a division where it was all girls who the majority she had sparred with before but she refused there. She was so upset she was crying- which is rare for her and I was unable to understand really what her deal was. I am not angry with her I am just so confused because I was planning on working with her solo and see about qualifying for nationals next year because she had the enthusiasm and the talent. I had not mentioned this to either her parents or her yet. But I don't know quite what to do. She has not got injured in any dojo matches we do mixed gender sparing all the time- that is the way I prefer to do it. I guess my question is have you ever had a situation like this? How can I get her excited about sparing again? Last week she was kicking but in cl and today she was saying she wouldn't spar because she did not want to fight 2 boys because she didn't know how hard they hit and thought her clmates would hit her too hard- which has never been an issue before... Just don't know what is going on...

Would you believe me if I told you I wrote this poem? ?

no, not at all. "The Night Before Christmas" (the poem you copied) is a VERY VERY famous christmas story. the minute someone heres "twas the night before christmas..." they know exactly what it is. unless there the grinch of course.

What goes good with spicy meat?

Any pasta would be good with the meat served on top. I would counter the rich meat with a quick cuber pickle with sliced cubers, white onion, vinegar and sugar, dill, salt and pepper.

Any one been to Melbourne on Commercial Road near Chaple street.What did you tink of it, the people, the pubs?

A relatively new addition to Melbourne’s nightlife, Crown has become synonymous with entertainment and glamour. There are more than 40 restaurants, bars and caf├ęs to choose from. In addition, there are the casino, cinemas, game arcades, international designer stores, nightclubs and live performance venues. Crown hosts film premieres, international conferences and awards ceremonies. Located downstream from Southgate on the banks of the Yarra River.

Can I stil have pregnancy hope?

Today is CD 21 5-7 dpo, I had a blood pregnancy test done and it was negative. I have had cramping go from one side to the other and a twinge/pull type feeling in the middle lower abdomen. I have a history of ovarian cysts so I am trying to keep high hope as I know that can make a difference. But with the Blood test negative I am starting to get depressed. Should I test again?

Does this suck as bad as the last one?

No its just as bad honey poetry has to come from the heart you can't just write. Meningful words and call it poetry

How well will the Ravens be in 2009?

They lost Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan to a Head Coaching with the Jets. They lost All-Pro LB Bart Scott also to the Jets. They lost All-Pro C Jason Brown to the Rams. The released All-Pro CB Chris McCalister, then last but not least they lost S Jim Leonhard to the Jets. They are expected to keep LB Ray Lewis. They signed CB Domonique Foxworth. What are they gonna be like next year?

In your opinion, what's it like being a lawyer?

Are you constantly surrounded by ignorant, illogical, narcissistic, unethical, and condescending clients/coworkers? Is the work environment always tense, hostile, and chaotic? Do you see yourself forced to go against your morals and values?

Any ideas for a new sn on AIM?

Maybe a nickname,or put w/e is ur personality, like wat fits u. Its ur sn. Like maybe danceingLindsey lol try.

What is the cost for an upgrade shaft for a Ping i15 golf club?

I am looking to order a Ping i15 golf club and wanted to get an upgraded shaft. What would be the cost to upgrade it to a Diamana Blue 63 x-flex or a Devotion 6 x-flex.

Any objections to this logic?

Everything has a purpose. Even if it's A having a purpose to be in front of the letter B in the alphabet.

I lost my myspace pword help!!!!?

we had no net for like a month and i can remenber my myspace pword but the even wrost thing is i cant remenber my hotmail pword to recover the pword what do i do that myspace has all my friends in my old town i have 400 friends on there i cant creat a new one and add that many again help

Have you all heard of this movie?

really? That's pretty cool, I'll go see it with my hockey friends! Wow, thank you I'm so glad this completely legit question was here because it informed me of something I was unaware of which is the point of Yahoo! Answers. Maybe if some jerk didn't come here and report informing questions (which were questions asking an opinion, sort of) I'd enjoy Yahoo! Answers so much more! Damn trolls...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 13, who should i start?

I have jacobs and mjd? who do you think i should start brandon jacobs vs the redskins or maurice jones drew agianst the texans?

In what television show did Alan Alda play a priest?

Alda was born Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo in The Bronx, New York City. His father, Robert Alda (born Alphonso Giovanni Roberto D'Abruzzo), was an actor and singer, and his mother, Joan Brown, was a former Miss New York. Alda is of Italian and Irish descent. His adopted surname, "Alda," is a portmanteau of ALphonso and D'Abruzzo. When Alda was seven years old, he contracted Poliomyelitis. To combat the disease, his parents administered a painful treatment regimen developed by Sister Elizabeth Kenny that consisted of applying hot woolen blankets to his limbs and stretching his muscles.

In which one of the following regions would you expect to find the largest amounts of dissolved oxygen in the?

C. Deep ocean has little connection with the air or with photosynthesizing plants, which are the sources of oxygen in the ocean. The other regions have warmer water, which holds less oxygen in solution.

Female wants to how i strat Marsturbate & Virginty?

I'm a 16 yrs old,never or oral,now intersted to start marsturbate so that, whn i find some one to open my virginty i dn;t have pain, so, is there is a spl. way to start or feel good to start marsturbate,please suggest me what type of feeling and how i start marsturbate.this question giv me tension always sugest the way or website.

Me and my gf had wearing condoms on 25 nov.we did test on 11 dec & was negative.shd i ve 2 tak again.?

Me and my gf had wearing condoms on oct was her last day of periods....she was bleeding for five days after that......we again had on nov25 wearing condoms......we took pregnancy test on 11 dec and found it negative........should i have to tak test she pregnant........? she usually has irregular periods......whats the reason she didint get periods yet..................?

Having a hard time losing weight help!!!!!!!?

HI just had a baby over 2 months ago and I have been going to the gym at least 5 times a week and have been working out really hard. I also have been watching what I eat and the scale is not moving. My body does look like its tightening up but I don't understand why the scale is being so stubborn. Last year I lost 40 pounds before I found out I was pregnant. I 'm doing the same workout and eating regiment that I did last year but nothing. I'm actually considering a diet pill to take in conjunction with the diet and exercise but I'm scared. Do any of you have any tips on what I can do to get this weight off of me. I'm used to being able to lose 2-3 lbs a week. I'm not even losing 1 pound a week nothing at all please help me. Personal experiences anything you know will be a big help.

Maurice and Trisha want to buy a house. The bank requires a 10% down payment and a combined annual income of a?

Maurice and Trisha want to buy a house. The bank requires a 10% down payment and a combined annual income of at least 1/3 of the remaining amount to qualify for the loan. Based on their combined annual income of $63,000 a year, what is the price of the most expensive house the bank will allow them to buy?

Possible ways for a character to die?

she witnessed a murder. the killers found out she saw them and threaten her with her life. she still decides to go to the police. the police offer her protection if she helps them but only until the killers are caught. the killers get caught but this made the people that hired the killers angry and they want her dead. this girl is smart and very organised and babysits on weekends not the type of girl who gets involved with drugs or violent people. The other idea i have is that the girl mum is a social worker. she seperated a women from her husband because the husband was too violent. "the husband" is now threatening to kill both her, her mother and little brother. they've moved to three new towns in two months but every time "the husband" finds them and they have to move again. hope that helps!

What is the best possible way to learn Spanish? (except moving to Spain)?

15 and just startin to get the hang of Spanish. Im just looking for a better way to improve my skills. Also i would be very happy if ther was any Spanish people 12-15 that would be willing to teach :). Thanks to contributors

What has happen to the world nowadays???, murders, robbery, aults?

Where have all the morale values gone?Why cant the world be peaceful and everyone lives happily together?why is it so hard just to come out of the house without being fearful of our safety and our families?I pray for world peace and for you and your family members to be safe from harm and danger.

Could I be pregnant?

I just ate a bar of chocolate so good it almost made me, well, you know. Lets just say it was better than , I have had a hysterectomy, but I am really afraid. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Rate my Fantasy Football Team A+ through F?

I would give your fantasy football team a B+. You WR position is a toss up, especially with Randy Moss. It just depends on how his going to perform. Urlacher on defense is good if he can stay healthy. Things could go well for your team. If some of those players have a down season (like some have been known to have) I would have to lower you to a B.

Do you have to p the 7th grade writing taks?

yes honestly 7th 8th 9th grade are easy if you just do your homework every night and ask your teacher for help when you come across a problem

An existential question: important factors in human life?

What are the most important factors that influence human existence? It can be anything like Time, greed, Love etc I'm brainstorming for a paper :)

Financial disadvantages of ukraine when joining the EU?

You can just state the financial disadvantages of joining the EU.I couldn't find a lot of info on it on internet. If you include specific points of ukraine's disadvantages joining the EU, that would be very helpful. Thank you :)

Killing a baby maple tree? (Weed size)?

My dumb neighbour has planted a baby maple tree on my lawn because it's right beside his driveway. It looks like a weed right now, but if it gets bigger the location is just horrid and potentially dangerous, but I don't really know him enough to talk to him. Is there a way to kill it naturally? Like pouring vinegar or something on it because I don't want to use chemicals and I'd like to make it look like it was just a natural death. Please no comments telling me I'm a horrible person or etc. because I have just planted 5 trees in my own backyard, and I would just like to subtly stop its growth because if you saw where it was at you'd want it gone too.

My boyfriend and our communication?

You're boyfriend should want to talk to you everyday. If someone acted like that with me, I would drop their ***. You can find someone who is so much better for you than him who will actually want to spend time with you.

How to Install a Rope Ladder?

Hi, I have a DIY idea in my head that I need some clarification on. Here is my plan I want to have a rope ladder that I can drop out of my window to get in/out of my second floor bedroom. Here's my problem, how thick/long do the bolts have to be and the tensile strength of the rope to support 200+ pounds? I just need some help on how to do this also would shingles on the roof be affected just by walking on them, in this case should they be secured better on the area that I plan on walking? Any help/advice is much appreciated.

Should I reconsider dating a financially irresponsible man.?

I have been dating someone for a short time. While he treats me very well and has other good qualities, his severe issues with money are cause for concern. He refuses to get a job, stating that he prefers to make money being entrepreneurial (yet he rarely puts any effort into his business and he is not earning enough from it to cover his bills). His house is dangerously close to foreclosure, his cellphone was cut off, belongings in a storage unit will be auctioned off and that is what I know about. Is there any possibility of a future with him?

What Title Fits The Story?

Why not try something more creative and not with the character's name in it? Also, make a title that will grasp the audience's attention. Example: My friend and I are writing a book together about these two girls who are captured and taken to this place to be trained for a "kid army" (it sounds MUCH better when you read it). We named our story Silver Ice.

What are some good names boy and girl for the surname porter?

i have a friend with the last name porter, she just named her little boy riley james, if she had a girl she was going to name her maddy jean. i like riley james...aaron james is nice too....boys names, Robert Anthony, Anthony Micheal girls names, brandy nicole, theresa nicole, amanda marie, katie marie, elizabeth amber....good luck hun!

What is your favorite Sarah Dessen book?

I have read The Truth About Forever and this book is so amazing! I recommend it to everyone who loves a good romance. I love the romance between the two characters Macy and Wes.. I still have not finished the book but I will keep you posted :) Does anybody else like any of her other books?

Which form of male enhancement works the best?

He everyone, i am a little bit on the small side, and i was wondering if any of you have used any forms of male enhancement and if they worked for you or not. If anyone could please help me out it would b much appreciated. thanks.

Christians- Why not forgive Satan?

if you were alive for thousands of years and have had the glory and greatness of seeing God himself upon His thrown and have had the access to Heaven and all its wonders with eternal life, do you honestly think he feels bad? that he's a bad angel and no one likes him? he took 1/3 of Heaven's angels with him out of Heaven so as for being the only bad angel that's out, second God sent him out of Heaven not a 12 man jury, third satan is incapable of being good anybody who's been on earth for a receptive amount of time knows this

First car: scion tc,2008 honda accord,or mazda 3?

which of these cars would be best for me? I'm 17 years old and I'm getting a car for christmas. so which one should I ask for?

Does she have a right?

I have contacted ADAM and had a consultation about 2 months ago, we were cool no problems but like I said she just wants the money to see her new bf.


If i use profanity when trying to attract the opposite ,will it backfire?Don't women like hardes and arrogant pricks?

Random thing?

no you are not ugly at all but i will be honest and say that is too much blush maybe even wrong color and lipstick is no better maybe get some tips at a department store like jc penny or macy's something like that your eye brows are a little thick but if it concerns you then just get them waxed or pluck them waxing is much faster and it only cost about $12 at a salon

How to act if this happen to you?

a friend of mine tried hooking me up with a girl, but she was hideous and was smoking weed.....i told my friend what kind of hook up was that..........we stopped being friends

Why does government run healtcare always lead to rationing?

Well, there is only one way a government can afford a national health care system....and that is to drive down costs either through laws or negotiation. Since value is what guides investment and expansion of production in a capitalist society; a diminished value lends no indication of importance to the item being produced. This leads to shortages, which in turn leads to rationing.

How far should I go for my parent's sake?

i always say helping sum one is giveing them ure money its helping them get money a job, showing how to save,

1describe the marriage of charls lindbergh's parents? 2 what job/ endeavors did lindbergh father pursue?

Charles August Lindbergh was a prosecuting attorney before becoming a US Congressman from Minnesota. He was married to 1) Mary LaFond, had two children. Mary died and he married 2) Evangeline Lodge Land, had one son- Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

Nissan S15 Silvia...?

I don't really have anything to say, but good luck on finding an s15 man, they're extremely rare!! But it would be original here in the states, and they look really good. And no, you should be able to keep it right hand drive, I've seen skylines and even right hand drive civics out drivin around. But I'm not sure if there if the law changes from state to state.

Do you think I have what it takes to be a model?

You have an interesting look however when agencies pick models, build is really important and I can't see that from those pictures. Most male models have a lot of muscle tone. They are not muscle heads but they are more built than the average guy. Also it may be difficult to get a substantial amount of commercial work in a US market unless you are either black or white. You would have more of a chance with fashion/editorial.

YES! YES! YES! America's Player goes on!?

Not only is he safe but he got a facefull of when he picked up Jessica after she won. Good night for Eric.

SUBWAY during pregnancy?

so today for lunch i got a foot long (turkey) which ive heard that unheated turkey is fine because it comes from turkey ... but i didnt have my sub toasted and ive read some but dont know much about listeria and how common it is.. iive saved half my sandwich in the fridge and considered just heating it before i eat it im not sure all theses pregnancy rules have me a little paranoid i just want my baby to be healthy... help ? also beef jerky is that alright? thanks so much

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Original vs. Reissued Birth Certificate?

i know with my own birth certificates..there are three of them....two from before my with 1970 and one with the year 1971 ...the one after my adoption is 1970..they have no clue when i was born they arent even sure my birthday is right..nor any of my siblings...i do know when i got my first pport when i was going overseas with my husband in 1990 he is in the took six months to get it....i have often wondered if its because i was adopted...noone else then took that long...but i do know from talking to the adoption agency for the state of birth certificates all three of them are tied together...because she is how i found out about having two before the adoption one..

Could this be the cure for genital warts.?

No. The virus lives *in* the skin, not on the surface. Putting ACV on the outside won't make it go away.

Ok so i read this on the internet?

it goes like this (Usually, a girl can figure out when her will stop growing based on the size of her female relatives, as heredity plays a role in a woman's size. However, this doesn't mean that a girl will end up having the same size as her mother, since her father's genetics will also play a part in determining the growth. Just look at pictures to see what the predominant size of the women's are in your family to get a general idea of the most likely size of a girl's . ) do you think is true since im a b36 and my aunt have like D36 but my mom doest she is B somthing so my question is is the true or is it fake am i going to stop growing.

What is the best course to learn how to produce a newsletter (UK)?

I need to learn about layout and how to add pictures, nothing really professional, just something for work to keep us all updated on current events. I'm not even sure which application would suit the job best. Thanks!

How to keep curls, curls for hours?

I have naturally curly hair, but my sister has very straight hair. She puts lotion in her hair before she does anything, then she curls them and sprays them with spray gel, it keeps the bounce but also keeps them from falling apart.

What is a good audio converter or encoder program?

I am trying to encode some audio files and i need a program that will do it. I need a program like Handbrake, but for audio. I tried using SUPER, but it's too complicated for me. Thanks

Help!What is this song?

all i can remember is that the video had a little girl that were the same dress every day and her mom was very abusive she had one friend a small boy he lived next door then one day her mom bet her to death at her funeral the little boy showed up it turns out that the little boy was an angel so he took her to heaven with a butch of other children.

Did obama really say this in "the audacity of hope" ?

Obama makes a whole lot of audacious comments. His actions, which follow the Marxist Manifesto, is what we really should be paying attention to!

Im having a yard sale but I'm still confused about the prices?

I'm selling a bunch of things that I don't need. Kitchen ware, toys, clothes, etc. My big question is about the crib. I bought the crib for $110 and the mattress for $60. The bedding for $60 and its pink with winnie the pooh. Im not sure how much to ask for the crib and mattress together. Its pretty much new since my daughter hated sleeping there. And how much should i sell the bedding for? I've never put a yard sale before so Im a little lost. Thanks for your help!

Can't the government just issue subpoenas and warrants for the phone companies information?

As you should know by now, Bush is a consistent liar. The phone companies will always cooperate with the government when things have gone through proper channels. And even when requesting the illegal wire tapping as this administration just did, most cooperated and only a few did not. They already have immunity if they act within the law - and as Republicans are fond of saying when talking about immigration, it is a country of laws and the laws should be followed - even by, and especially by, our Government.

Is Mick Foley being TNA world champion a good or bad idea?

bad idea, he is old how much will he acually wrestle good idea from the marketing perspetive people will watch cause they love this guy, but I thought he was wwe guy what happend with that? wrestling is confusing

After having a hysterectomy ,will it cause you to lose weight?

It all depends. I know that I lost about 20 lbs after I had mine, but that was because food lost all its taste to me for about 4 weeks and I had no desire to eat (side effect of the anesthesia). Once I got an appetite again, I only gained back about 5 of the 20lbs because I watched what I ate and began to exercise as soon as I could. Having a hyst. can cause you to gain weight due to the lack of hormones and your body not burning calories as fast as it once had. But I wanted to lose about 15lbs before I had the surgery anyway, so it worked out for my benefit, lol. Hope this helps you!

What are the restrictions of what you can write and send to prisoners?

I think sunny better get his facts straight. Everything coming into the prison is opened and read by the prison guards. You can't send polaroid pictures, no stickers. Also everything leaving the prison is read. If they find something they don,t like they can black it out or cut it out. You have no rights when you are in prison.

First snowfall of the year for okemo in VT?

Just wondering for people of go to okemo or live in VT know generally to expect the first snowfall and the opening of okemo for the year?

Since outsourcing jobs seems to be...?

a hot new commodity for the corporate scene, maybe citizens should start buying products from other countries so that American countries will bring jobs back? Or are we all just going to sit around and let cowboy politics destroy us all?

How can I lose weight but have limited vegetable intake?

I cannot eat vegetables unless ground and mixed with Brown rice and meat. I also have limited fruit intake. Is there any diet regimen to help me burn more calories?

In answer!!!!!!! XD? cl i ranodmly rub my gf's leg and she said she fine with it. ive always told her that i dont wana do anything shes not comfortable with. she allways says shes fine with whatever(shes just like me randomly...never any other bf shes had) anyway today i was just gently rubbing her leg then i moved up and she kinda smiled and just kept working. so i moved up again and she was fine. then i was practically rubbing her "area" and she just laughed and pushed my hand back down.....i asked her about it later she said shes fine with me doing that.....(oh! by the way she has made me finish in the middle of cl b4...XD) but anyway is it just ticklish or something??....does it just feel weird to her?.....what do i do? just try again..she said shes fine with it and would tell me if she wasnt.....oh...were 14..well she almost is...........(i know for a fact she is comfortable with it! she has specifically told me!) (and i dont wana hear $hit about age)

I would like to be Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives for halloween, but want to make it clever, any ideas?

For instance I dont just want to wear a costume that says desperate housewife I want my costume to be able to stand out as that is what I am without having it in writing. Any suggestions will help the brainstorming process! Thanks!

Help on my iguana?

i stepped on my baby iguana and a bubble popped out its and it went back in an hour later i think it was its guts but she still ate after that but now its been about a week and she is very sick and looks a brownish i got some antibiotic and dont know if i should let her have a little or just feed her to my ball python to take her out her misery is there anything i can do to help her

They said that about you?

SONIA is an innovative Web-based and Windows Application software program that enables resources (persons) to be allocated according to user preferences.

What is the best exercise to stabilize the knee?

Adductor and abductors done to strengthen inner and outer muscles of knee to provide stabilty.Quadricept muscles must be strengthened No squats at all.

Why do Hockey players over commit or anticipate to the puck?

I, notice that if players would stay, rather than react or instinctively think they know where the puck is going to bounce, they would've had either a breakaway, out-numbered attack or even a wide open net. Mind you, exclude cycling down low.

Did I mess everything up??help me!!?

I like this guy who's a grade younger then me. he's really popular and I went out with him before but I felt so awkward bc he was younger and I'm ppl thought it was wierd. welll, hes kinda a player and unless hes goin out with sum1 I think he likes a coupla ppl at once. we were txting and he was like wats up and I told him that I was shoppin online and he was like ohh u gonna get me somthinn and blah blah blah I ended up gettin him a DC hat, hahaa kinda lame but wateveaa. anyway he was supposed to come over over winter break to my house and hang with my brother ( he is friends with him) and I would give him his present. well we txted a bunch but he nvr came over. he told me the day after Xmas wat he got and he said he got a DC hat and I was like well do u still want mine then and he's like ya it willean a lot to me and il wear it all the time and a was like y does it make a diff if it's from ur momm or me and he's like cuz I still like u a lil. and I didn't kno wat to txt back so I just said "o". and he said"...ya" but then he was like" well I gotta go babe, nite" but now I think he mite like someone else now but I think I like him! how can I get him to like me?? or let him kno that I like him with out just satin hey btw I like u... please help me!!! thnks a ton!

Woulds straight eye for the queer guy be a good idea for a show?

i mean you could take a queen to the rodeo or have em work on trucks and go prob fishing and things like that

Where can I find this remix/mashup?

I heard a remix of Fergie's Glamorous but I can't seem to find it anywhere. It may be a mashup, I seem to remember hearing some other stuff in there but all I reallly remember is a really steady repetition of "Taco Bell."

"Woe unto them that say that good is evil and evil is good".?

Un-marriage. Legalized abortions. Rising ity. Homicides who get away with murder. Silent persecution of God in the USA. Children that disrespects/kill their parents and vice-versa. A rise in occult sciences. Violence in the home. Teen- on the rise with pregnancies and unwanted children and etc etc etc. Is it good this evil plagueing our Nation? What is your opinion? What can be done?

How to determine between short shaft or long shaft mercury?

i have a 1974 mercury outboard 650 3 cyl 405 series serial number and i am seeing 2 different lower units listed for my engine a short shaft and a long shaft not sure how to tell which one mine is. don't want to possibly waste my time and someone elses time while trying to find a replacement for mine that doesn't want to go into reverse fully

S.s. homework what new god or goddess would you put on mount Olympus?

my homework is to think of a new god or goddes on mount Olypus im supposed to write his/her name there special powers why he should be a god or goddess and a myth that demonstrates there greatness but all you need to think of is the name ill get the rest

POLE: Should we blame Santa on our obesity epidemic?

He is so influential and such a bad role model. Not only is he morbidly obese, he also breaks into our homes and watches us when we are in the shower!

Can you feed a newborn kitten rice cereal?

I have a new born kitten and all I have is rice crereal and chicken baby food that I mix for my sugar glider. Is this okay to feed it temporarily. I don't know if it has even eaten since birth.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Im wanting to sell my Yugioh cards on eBay need price of all these cards i want the total?

$28.50 thats if anyone buys them. Those are a hell of alot of commons and people dont usually buy those. you will probably get about 3 or 4 dollars on the black rose and blue eyes shinning, but the most the other cards are worth is $1 with most of them onlly being 10-25cents

I'm on my summer hols.! yet i don't fell mentally right. why? Has anybody got any good relaxation techniques?

I finished school for the summer hols yesterday. Usually I get a great buzz from being on holiday, yet I just don't feel that buzz. I feel really down and kinda depressed except i don't know why! I'm going into my second year of high school next year (I'm 13) so I'm not really sure why finishing the last term of school for this year should make me sad? The only thing i can think of is that i'm not going abroad because my dog had a cancerous tumour removed and the vet sed she was doing well if she lasted three months so we don't want to be away if the moment comes. I'm tired as well and I don't know why either? I'm on a Hypnotherapy course of two cd's (Stop Worrying and Relaxation and Self Confidence Building) I haven't listened to either of them in quite a while should I be doing that? I feel almost depressed what should i do? does anybody have any good relaxation techniques that will help me? Please Answer

7 years ago i had a precancerous spot removed?

But i had another spot that was bigger and also precancerous (that one was on my neck) and i think it may have been there longer. I wouldn't let the person remove it b/c at the time i was a little kid and the first one hurt really bad b/c it was deep and they nvr put me to sleep and i woundn't do it. But now i'm 7 years older and everyone forgot about it 5 years ago so should i get it checked out?

Why the Washington REDSKINS need not change their Trade Mark?

Any group of people should be called what they wanted to be called As long as they called you what you want to be called. If the Native America want to be called "Native America" or "true America's" or even Indains so be it. If someone does not like that well that's to bad. On the other hand the Football team known as redskins want to call themselfs that so be it. As long as they call you what you want to be called. I have the right to be called what ever I want to be called. I have no right to demand what you should or shouldn't call yourself. If for whatever reason I do not like what you call your self. I will not call you. You are not calling me anything. I have no say in what you call yourself. In the same way you have no say in what I call my self.

I've got a Equine question....?

I am looking for a Equine pain reliever other than aspirin, ive already looked in all the local pet stores, and all they have is aspirin, is there anything else that doent require me to be a vet to use for my horse?

What breed is my rabbit?

If she is just new she is just getting used to the surroundings. Also, are all your electrical cords and all that stuff right out in the open for your rabbit to chew on? Just watch her for sickness. If she is foaming at the mouth she might have rabies. Put your sugar glider and rabbit in the same room, actually right beside each other and just watch them. Put in another litter box right in the other corner. This is all I know to do. Go get a stick from a bush or tree in your yard. Rabbits love to chew them. Hope I helped!!! ( This is just what I think) Im not a pro.

Clic literature suggestions for a 16 year old?

Judging by the books you listed, I think you would really enjoy Earth Abides by George R. Stewart and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

WHat should I do about my landlord?

I have a one year lease with them. There is mold growing on the wood work around the windows that we are allergic to ( I have 2 babies and it grows in their bedroom and mine). Their dog leaves poop all over the yard and they clean it up rarely. In the lease it clearly states that it is their resposibilty to shovel snow in the driveway, yet they made my husband and I do it last winter on our side of the driveway. They were irrate when we did not do it, and they blaimed us becuase the garage door broke because of the ice built up under it. They hit our car (which at the time was a peice of junk, but still), they told me but did not offer to fix it, or give us insurense info., or any kind of compensation. i have asked them so many times for rent reciepts fr the past 3 months because we paid in cash, but they have not given me anything. Seeing as ow i have 2 babies, i get a little backed up on laundry sometimes. I was about 7 or 8 loads behind last month and she told me i had to go to the laundromat and do it, even though we have a washer and dryer provided for us in the home, which is also part of the lease agreement. She unplugged our internet becuase she was "unhappy" with us, even though we were told it was provided for us when we moved in (not in the lease unfortunetaly). Their son shoots hockey puck into the wall in the basement which is directly below our livingroom and bedroom. it is so loud and wakes my children up. He also does it during dinner time. They leave their dog in a kennel when they leave for hours and the walls are paper thin, so we hear her barking and yelping the whole time they are gone. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, because I am not sure what to do. Thanks in advance.

My jeep is knocking on the right front side(by tire) whn i turn right. As i break it stops. What could it be?

I just got new breaks, rotors, and new sway bar bushings done. Noise started after I did my breaks. Could it be suspension,breaks or hub bearings? 1998 jeep cherokee clic,2wd

Whats wrong with my camera?

ok so i have a samsung digital camera and when i press the shutter to take a picture it turns off. And when i put in new batteries it takes one or two pictures then when i take another one it turns off again? Whats wrong wih ny camera and how do i fix it? thanks in advance

Has anyone worked as a motorcycle courier?

Ive heard romantizied tales of the industry, esp. in London. Id love if someone who has lived this would share his experiance.

Foods with a ton of protein and or fiber?

im trying to lose as much weight as possible and keeping it off, i pretty much sit at home all day so i can cook and eat as much or as little as i need. What are some good foods to munch that are high in protein or fiber?

Job in geelong?

Lot of work about around Dandenong area but don't know about Geelong. Will IM you and talk about it. See you on the IM and see if I can Help!

Gas prices soaring, an unjust war, Gov't invading privacy, racial/cultural polarization, WTF is going on!!!?

All under the umbrella of a criminal administration, which has been in leadership LESS THAN 6 years. It's as if America has become Bizarroland since solid leadership (Clinton) left the White House. Chime in with thoughts/impressions, Thx. Oh, and don't forget to answer the QUESTION, WTF is going on!?

Calm not mounted, terrified when mounted?

i have received a new horse in my stable, he is ok whn i work with him in the arena he is great but as soon as i put a saddle on you can see the flames coming out of his eys because he is extremely terrified. when i rode him the other day he tried to run off with me but i jumped off and he stopped immediatly. he is not afraid of the surroundings like cones poles etc.... i just dont know what to try... i changed his bit, the saddle, i took him out for a trail ride...same reaction. so i stopped putting a saddle and just started from scratch as he was a colt. any suggestions??

Can a person be "compionate-less"?

It's a symptom of sociopathic disorder or borderline personality disorder. Psychopaths also lack compion.

How to thaw a frozen stock?

Hi,I'd just microwve it until you had what you needed and put the rest back as it is only liquid you should be ok as long as it is not left to go sour.I hope this helps, All the best. Rab

Help with a very slow computer...?

Download and run CleanUp! version 4.2.1 from the download section after you google CleanUp! and then download and run TuneUp Utilities 2008 and run the trial version and do the one-click maintenance. That should fix the problem based upon what I am seeing. Thanks and hope that this helps!

Is this true about ANDRE THE GIANT?

Technically he was not undefeated he lost only by count out or disqualification until WRESTLEMANIA 3 when Hulk Hogan became the first man to ever pin Andre the Giant. R.I.P Andre

Was this Antonio Gates trade worth it after all?

Yeah I think given away Welker was a bad idea because he's Brady's favorite target (even with Moss was a Pat) and Gates is injured right now

6th Grade Graduation Dress?

wear something that will be fitted for your age. A short dress (thigh length) with some sheer pantyhose. Depending on your dress color, your pantyhose should compliment your dress and shoes. No pattern prints on your dress for 6th grade graduation, stay will solid colors.

What is your fave metal EP?

a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a the hard rock encyclopedia

Can anyone solve for x on my psycho math teacher's equation?

(6ms/m)^2 X + 5s^2 = (3dm/4L)(9cL/2m/s^2)....I ume ms = milliseconds, m = meters, s=seconds, dm = decimeter, L=liter, cL=centiliter....and ^means that the following number is the power of the preceding number.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where can i find a family member?

lost touch with him nearly 20 years ago, and would like to get in touch, he was in the 2nd batallion coldstream guards in the late seventies and then went in the s.a.s

Case of the Black Mountain Lion - What Do You Think?

The most likely answer is that you saw a mountain lion which was a darker colour then the average. Variation is possible. So thats the most likely explanation. There are others. But that is the most likely.

Lawsuit for slip and fall?

i was snow blowing a guys driveways and slipped and messed my back up..i was snowblowing him out so he can go take care of his business and plow the lots..i need to know if i can file a suit against him..because he knew the conditions of the weather..and i immediatley approached him that i had fell on the ice and he didnt ask if i was ok or if i needed to go to the ER..he is a business man had his own plow..snow blower..he was actually a friend of mine but we are no longer friends..he told me that he would also pay me to do it i didnt get paid till this day...serious people only no smart remarks pls

Break up songs!!lkasdfhsda;lha;l?

what are some girl empowering songs to listen too after a break up, somethings thats going to make me feel better that i'm broken up, like it's alright, it's okay, by ashley tisdale :D

Obama worst president ever, will his bots ever wake up?

Not the ones who depend on govt free money to live on- they are too lazy and selfish to care about the country, they only care about themselves.

The rest of my novel. Sorry to take so much space but I really like the advise you all have given to others.?

For your child's sake *IF there is one* I really hope you are NOT. If you have no idea if you're pregnant or not, then you really have no right to be a parent... By the 4th month you should be feeling the baby move...

Adhesive for granite backsplash?

What kind of adhesive is BEST for installing a granite (not tile) backsplash and sidesplash? Someone told me to just use a laytex caulking, but that just doesn't sound right to me. It will be affixed to painted drywall.


Just try your best to fly under the radar when you are with them and try to avoid conflict. I know its hard to put up with that kind of stuff but just think it could be worse,they could be physically abusive to you.

Can a pickle be dinner?

My wife says a pickle (a big one) can not be someone's dinner. Also gummy bears. A pickle and gummy bears. Can that be dinner?

My wife chose to get treatment for bulimia last year. Anyone know an insurance co. that'll take her now?

1.5 years ago, my wife voluntarily went to a day program to treat bulimia. She did this out of her own will to handle the problem before it got bad. Now, she graduated from college and is off her parents insurance. We need to get her insurance. Nobody will take her (yet). Does anyone know of an insurance company that will take her on? Either flat our, or evaluate her condition, or make exemptions on that coverage?

Why is Beagle World your favorite Beagle related Yahoo Group?

We are all living the same life (pretty much). We wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to mind is the wonder of what messages were posted overnight at Beagle World. Or perhaps you want to see what super cute pictures of Beagle pups were posted in the photo gallery. Either way, you're addicted to Beagles and you need to get your fix of Beagle World for the day. You spend hours at a time reading and posting messages, contributing to the thousands of bits of information that make it one of the best resources on the internet if you own a Beagle. What do you look for every day when logging on? What do you wish the group had more of? Do you post messages or just read messages? How often do you chime in the give your 2 cents? Have you made friends with other members of the group? Do you wish our Beagles actually could type on the message board?? I do! So, let's hear it! Why is Beagle World your favorite Beagle related Yahoo group? What makes it #1?

Anyone know poems about war?

Not anti-war, but basically the acceptable of war and how they do their job without objection. An American author would be nice too :)

I am having lining paper in my living room do i have to paint over it?

i am wallpapering the chimney flowery and the rest of walls i was going to paint i have been advised to use lining paper as my walls are bad and wont take up the paint now can i just have the lining paper as it is or will i have to paint over it?

Defrosted raw beef has been sitting in the fridge for 3 days?

I defrosted a pound of beef short rib overnight on Tuesday. On Wednesday I put it in the fridge. It's now Saturday and it's been sitting there for 3 days. I planned to marinate it on Wednesday but I forgot to do it. Is the meat still good?

Help on Frankenstein by mary shelley.?

I have a test tomarrow and I don't really understand what frankenstein is. Can someone help me summarize it?

Would you accept THIS treatment, if it was your only chance to survive cancer?

I honestly don't know what I'd do. I sincerely hope this is something you're researching and not actually having to face yourself or with a loved one. God bless.

How does religion explain voices everysingle waking hour, I imagine it's satan, but praying only...?

As I pray the voices and images leave,b ut as soon as I'm done they are back, I have no peace. I have nightmares everynight. Mynonly desire is always being torn away by thoughts I don't want and I have prayexd that they go away but they don't if I try to listen to god they get worse. That is not fair. I know pills don't help. I hate drugs, wheteher illegal or legal. I know drugs won't help. I can't stand to be around people, and I always hiss or make sound = or twitches when I am bombarded with these thoughts I don't wnat, this is a recent thing that happened to me and has been growing apparently for no reason. SO Scientifically I could be said to have schizophrenia, tourettes, and agoraphobia but in reality it is some kind of evil that won't leave. Please Please help. God hasn't helped , what am I doing wrong?

Is time an invention or discovery? Is it an arbitrary tool for measurement and humans' systematic perception?

If we believe in either theories of ultimate-fate-of-universe (including expansion theory, string theory, big crunch or cyclic theories etc.) time would be either indefinite (e.g. in case of expansion theory) or zero (in case of big crunch and cyclic theories). When time gets indefinite, it actually becomes equal with 0 time. Now tell me if it is a discovery or invention and if it is only a tool for measurement and understanding aging humans and phenomena? Thanks everyone!

How can I teach my iguana to attack people?

Cuz that would be soooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a rhino iguana baby named Reptar. HEAR ME ROAR! Yeah so I want him to wreck people like a Doberman. (Yeah I know he's vegetarian, SO WHAT!?)

Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory drug that acts to stabilize lysosomal membranes.?

How does this effect help reduces cell damage and inflammation. Why is this steroid hormone marketed in a cream (oil) base use topically (applied to the skin)?

Can anyone suggest about SEO for my site?

Your site seems to be no more than a link farm. Link farms are engines don't like them because they waste resources doing what search engines do much better. If you can think of an appropriate key word for that mess, I doubt you'll ever get a decent position in the organic list of any search engine. You need to learn about what websites are used for and how to design them before you worry about SEO.

HELP. could i be pregnant?

Zedd is an antibiotic from the azalide family. Azalides may interfere with the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill and it it recommended that you use another birth control method while taking the antibiotics. That being said, it doesn't guarantee that it will stop your birth control from working, just that it can. Since you shouldn't be ovulating right now, you are probably safe. Just be sure to use condoms if you have again while taking the antibiotic and seven days after stopping them.

How Did Obama & McCain Do Tonight?

For the most part I agree. I still think McCain (if elected) is going to better than Bush, but not much better.

Should the Civil War anachronism in the pageantry of the Kentucky Derby be done away with?

I couldn't get over every single person in the stands singing a slave song, My Old Kentucky Home. Usually when they pan the stands you see a few peole singing but most of the crowd not singing. But there wasn't one person in the stands who didn't sing every word of a song with lyrics that have been obsolete for 100 years. What do you think and are Kentuckians relics form the past who still fly the Confederate flag?

Any suggestions please?

saw my midwife tuesday baby's head is 4 fifths engaged so not that much but this is my third pregnancy and i'm aware that with additional pregnancies it can be when labour starts when the head engages. I was dissapointed to hear it was only 4/5 because i'm having los of pressure down below and it hurts to sit down, get up and especially when walking causes me agony. I'm getting a few twinges but lots of scratch feelings in my front area. I have been diagnosed with spd but the pains i'm getting are different to that so any suggestions on what else it could be. I'm 37 weeks by the way. x

Atheists, I asked about Christian persecution in other countries.?

A stack of Christians responded with very specific data, but a bunch of atheists scoffed. Atheists, look at the facts and let me know if you will keep scoffing or recognize that this is real?

What influences did the Greek or other pantheons have on Islam?

Absolutely none. The pagan deities have no place in Islam. We don't worship or pray to the Ka'ba. Maybe there were Greek influences in the pagan religions, but none in Islam.

Good Graphics Card emulator needed!?

I want to run Burnout Paradise on my PC. PC configuration: Intel G31 chipset, 2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo. If you know any Graphics Card emulator then give me link to it.

Calculus I word problem question?

cosine is a PERIODIC function. its value varies between -1 and +1. its max value is +1, so the max displacement is 0.2(1) = 0.2

What is the difference between a delegate and a trustee?

umm a delegate is a person representing the interests of a country or person..a trustee is someone representing a fund or corporation

Does Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein prove that everything degenerates in the hands of man ? My friend argues?

The book doesn't prove anything. It's theme has to do with what happens when humans play "God."

Idk wht to do anymore?

ok well yesterday i was crying at lunch cuz i heard my ex bf was saying mean stuff about me on fb and tht he and his current gf kissesd on there second day of going out ( i was mad cuz it was his first kiss and he always told me he wanted his first to b with me o and we went out 4 5weeks) ok so he and other people today were asking me y i was crying of course i nvr told them.. soo yeah..n and of course the guy of my dreams doesn't like me at all :(( and i do anything for him to love me the way i love him. also i didnt try out for the talent show aftr skol today since im loosing my voice and so now im going to tryout tomorow (singing btw) at the elemtary skol.. which means i have to b around little kids but i will have only one friend there. so questions: sud i go out for the talent show? should i tell the guy i love how i feel? and should i ignore all the guys and girls asking y i cried??

My gf says shes faithful to me but I have doubts bcoz she said she was w/her sis lastnite yet her fone showed ?

that she called n spoke w/her sis for 6 mins n 30 secs. When I ask hee how is it possible she said she domt know but she is nein totally honest. she said she never left her sis side yet theres a call in the call log and she showed up at my house two hours late. I know she is insultin my integrity bcoz the fone doesnt lie unlike her. I need to leave her alone but she keep swearin n cryin that theres no one besides me, what to do

Do you think Bush has ever listened to the Dixie Chicks ?

Is the fact they show up on New Yorks billboard top one hurdred proof they are a threat to national security ?

Guitar Tabs - Harmonics?

I've been looking at tabs recently and stuff like Dethklok and Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets" solo the tab author mentions "Harmonics." What are these and how do you do them? How do they make it sound different and does it change the sound THAT much?

Why is my 87 Toyota Van running hot?